API Documentation - Image Resize


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We can resize the final images so that they have a certain width and height. Perhaps you want all images to have a certain width in you e-commerce system?


4 Image Types

There’s 4 different types of Looklet images:

  1. Look: The most common image type. A photorealistic montage of multiple garments on a model.

  2. Look Detail: A smaller rectangular region taken from a Look.

  3. Ghost: A single garment floating in the air without a visible model.

  4. Fabric Detail: Close up photography of the fabric (or another detail) of a single garment.

For each of those four types a wanted width and height can be specified. This means that you for example can have different resize dimensions for Look and Ghost.


Resizing is Optional

Resizing is fully optional. You may specify:

  • Neither Width nor Height - In this case the original dimensions will be used.

  • Only Width - This will resize the image to match that exact width in pixels.

  • Only Height - This will resize the image to match that exact height in pixels.

  • Both Width and Height - The image will be resized to fit perfectly inside.

Note that resizing the image will preserve the aspect ratio. You can however add padding or expand the image background so that it has a certain aspect ratio. This is documented under Image Padding.


Images will usually be scaled down, but can occasionally be scaled up. This is especially important to keep in mind for Look Details since they are just a small section of a Look. We use a state of the art Lanczos based scaling algorithm to preserve the image details as well as possible.


Steps to get started:

Send the following information to your onboarding representative

  • Width in pixels for Look (optional)

  • Height in pixels for Look (optional)

  • Width in pixels for Look Detail (optional)

  • Height in pixels for Look Detail (optional)

  • Width in pixels for Ghost (optional)

  • Height in pixels for Ghost (optional)

  • Width in pixels for Fabric Detail (optional)

  • Height in pixels for Fabric Detail (optional)