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Looklet Dressing Room

Offer your customers a truly unique and personalized shopping experience

Three real customers wearing pink top in different combinations

Looklet now offers fashion e-commerce brands and retailers a photorealistic virtual dressing room, enabling their customers to try on any garment in your online store from the comfort of their own homes


The dressing room demo features examples of real customers that we’ve captured into the technology.

"It was easy to style myself and I want to buy that striped dress right away"

Hulda, Focus Group Participant

Looklet Dressing Room Facts:


Create a new level of engaging on-site experience for your customers, lower return rates and increase conversion overall. 

  • Easy Try-on and freely combine garments 

  • Real personalized styling for all body types

  • Highest Quality with real garment imagery
  • Handles fine details and transparency

  • Fast and streamlined to add any garment

  • Dynamic image solution opens for any use case

Shoot garment once, view on any body type


Shoot any item just once in a Looklet studio, then it’s ready for live photorealistic mix and match styling on infinite body types. The Dressing Room works with any product captured in a Looklet Studio. To create this unique feature we leverage all of our core image rendering tech, AI, and 3D systems to create high-quality and color-accurate imagery.


This is all created through an efficient high-volume image production process. Products shot with the Looklet studio are available for the Dressing Room immediately after processing within our standard turnaround time. 

One mannequin and six real customers wearing white/cream top in multiple sizes

One core feature, many unique use cases

  • Truly Personalized Content

Engage your customers with a combination of aspirational PDPs with fully personalized content by allowing styling on multiple body types to in turn increase conversions


  • User Wardrobe

Allow returning customers to try out new garments with what they already bought in your store. Finding new garments to complete their looks or ways to renew their existing wardrobe


  • Personal Styling

Tailor and create bespoke styling recommendations for your customers and let them try on any combinations directly in their online shopping experience

  • Recommendations and data

Deepen customer relationships by understanding their styling data and which outfitting combinations look best. Use our data to create recommendations for CRM and cross-selling opportunities


  • Realism and conversion

The possibility to realistically see the styles and garments on yourselves gives a new level of confidence and inspiration to the consumer. Promoting add to basket and increased conversion.


  • Social Shopping

Give your shoppers the option to share their looks with friends and peers via their social accounts to get input on their buys and spread brand awareness and styling inspiration

“It was super nice and fun to style yourself. It feels very realistic.”

- Saiba, Focus Group Participant

Flexible integration into your user experience 

Our unique styling and personalization tech is using all of our advanced photo rendering tech, AI, and 3D but that's all behind the scenes. Integrating the Looklet Dressing Room into your e-commerce experience is truly dynamic.


Choose from a selection of different setup options to tailor to your shop preferences:


website e-commerce list view with virtual dressing room

Web Integration

website e-commerce list view and mobile with virtual dressing room

Web and mobile in combination

mobile with virtual dressing room

Mobile app Integration

product detail page with virtual dressing room

PDP Integration



1. What makes the Looklet Dressing Room different from other virtual try-on solutions?

We’re confident that our already established image production solution in conjunction with the dressing room adds real value to the e-commerce arena by allowing you to process large volumes of high-quality imagery with quick turnaround times. Also, our unique mix and match capability opens up endless styling opportunities without forgoing quality and photorealism.


2. Does the Looklet Dressing Room give sizing suggestions?

The Looklet Dressing Room can help your customers visualize what garments look like on their bodies before they buy rather than giving a size recommendation. We always advise having your brand/retailer sizing information available.


3. Can I add any imagery to the Looklet Dressing Room?

To ensure the highest quality and overall color accuracy on all items within the Looklet Dressing Room, we don’t offer an option to add any vendor or external imagery. This is exclusive to garments shot in the Looklet studio.


4. Are there any limitations to how many items or categories I can have within the Looklet Dressing Room? 

Any garments shot in a Looklet studio can be included in the Dressing Room and you can include an infinite number of styles. All garments can be styled together in the same way as you would within an in-store physical dressing room.


5. How can we integrate and start using the Looklet Dressing Room in our e-commerce site?

We offer fully tailored integration. Get in touch with us via the form below so we can discuss what setup and integration options will work best for you.

five male models wearing the same outfit from virtual dressing room

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