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e-commerce image production


We know the struggles of fashion e-commerce imagery photo production inside out. This has been the foundation of our software development over the years and we strive to add feature updates to our products to make your lives easier



Dynamic images can improve commodities availability and reduce inventory


Unlike traditional photography, the lifespan of a Looklet outfit is never-ending. Once an item has gone out of stock, exchange it and get it back online within minutes.

    • Update any image containing out-of-stock styling items via API
    • Sell all products in an image during the total lifetime of the main item
    • No need for re-shoots or additional photo costs.




Seamlessly integrate across systems for an efficient flow of accurate data

Choose from multiple import and export data points to:

  • Pre-configured integrations for file storage, workflow, and PIM systems
  • Open APIs to connect with any system
  • Re-run data imports to update item metadata after processing 
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amazon S3

“The collaboration to get Google Integration
set up was smooth and issue-free. Overall, the experiences are certainly positive.”

Nathan Snedden - Saks
Lead Stylist


Time is money. Get items delivered within 6 hours


The longer it takes for a product to get online, the more it costs you. Urgent last-minute shoot requests inevitably arise as well, putting a strain on your resources.


Ultimately, time is money – so we've made it possible to request 6hr turnaround on items that can be ordered through the studio for same-day styling.





Reduce styling hours by 30% 


Help your team save time outfitting by pre-deciding items that should be combined together in our e-commerce styling software Look Creator. 

  • Connect items for styling together via integration or from the studio was needed 
  • Guarantee style guides are followed to avoid errors



Outfitting made easy 


When styling for certain fashion categories or seasonal sales, take the hassle out of outfitting by creating templates that automate the process. Select the garments, models, backgrounds, and body variations and have hundreds of styled outfits within minutes.

  • Save templates for use at any time 
  • Easily personalise each template to fit with your brand guidelines


Save shooting time with color adjust


No need to reshoot items in multi-color ways, our color adjustment service allows you to submit a reference color for automatic readjustment. 



Sell more with build in meta data 


The meta-data included in the export of your Looklet images can be used for an automatic “shop-the-look” feature to increase cross-selling potential.

  • Joint visualization of products even when pairing recommendations change 
  • Pre Styling enables automation and control over styling even if decided ahead of time

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