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Automated on-model fashion imagery for retail



Shoot each item in a Looklet studio with only 1-2 studio operators needed. Shoot up to 100 items per day.


Create your looks via our Look Creator software. Models are digitised and ready for use any time. 1-2 mins per look.



We process your images and return them back to you when they’re ready to publish online. Images ready within 24 hours.

Traditional e-commerce fashion photoshoots are rife with uncontrollable variables that result in inconsistent outcomes. When coordinating between photographers, models, hair and makeup artists, stylists, digital tech and set designers, crucial time is inevitably lost, and reshoots are often needed.

Now imagine a fully automated fashion photography solution for retailers that seamlessly solves your production puzzle helping you save money, without compromising on quality or creativity. We've produced more than 20 million images for retailers globally since 2009.

  • High-quality imagery without elaborate processes: our technology removes the need for large productions involving multiple people, using state-of-the art technology to create on-model imagery showing product on models in various poses

  • Unlimited restyling: Our Look Creator software supports infinite styling combinations, taking just 1-2 minutes per look with models ready for use at any time

  • Images online fast: Get your product images online 5 times faster than traditional photoshoots. Shoot to sell from 6 hours

Find out below how it works


Shoot fashion product photos fast with easy-to-use equipment

Curate photoshoots in an automated and scalable way

Item Creator helps you create and store all product information automatically. Simply scan the item barcode, to populate the garment’s details and then upload. After we have processed your images, they are returned to you for styling in the Look Creator.

Item Creator - adjusted color copy

"Our collaboration with Looklet is helping us keep our productivity high. The contact is going smoothly and this helps us secure high-quality images and still remain productive. One day we even shot 120 items in about 6 hours. In the fashion industry, it is important to move quickly and Looklet always delivers!"

Amber Snuverink, Photographer - Otrium
Look Creator Overview

Style your looks with 70+ models

Look Creator is where your looks come to life. Our powerful styling software helps you mix and match garments and showcase outfits on models, even if you haven’t shot them at the same time and location. 

Choose from over 70+ models, 500+ facial expressions and 1000+ body movements to create unique looks every time. Accessible from any location at any time.

“The model library, the visual appearance of the images, and the ability to shoot our own shoes and prop items were crucial in our decision-making process.”

Creative Director at luxury American department store chain

A live shot flow at your fingertips

The Item Reviewer shows you all images shot in the studio in real time — helping you catch styling errors fast and easily follow the production process throughout the day. 

Item Reviewer features:

  • Items displayed in chronological order
  • Images grouped by item
  • Filter by date and studio
Item Reviewer - recolor

Track & optimise studio operations

Forecasting and production schedules are never straight forward, but Looklet can significantly help you when it comes to tracking photo production within your studios to ensure you hit your targets.

Our Client Data Dashboard gives you a complete overview of production, for items shot in studios using the Item Creator and final images exported from Look Creator.

Capture. Outfit. Online.

Ready to optimize your e-commerce product photography operations?

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