API Documentation - Image Padding 

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Ghost Padding

Looklet Ghost images are by default delivered cropped tight to the garment in the largest pixel dimension possible, i.e a large garment, such as a dress, will result in a larger image compared to a smaller item such as a bra.


Ghost images can be made to fit a certain aspect ratio or absolute image size. Optional margins and color background can be added to fit the customer requirements. All of this can be configured per item category, so all garments, large and small, look great.


For instance, for the dress we can define small top and bottom margins and large side margins, maximizing the available vertical space. A bra will probably look better using smaller side margins. The garment can be centered (as shown in the example) or aligned to any margin (at the top, for instance).


Note that the pixel dimensions in the example above are different. To output a fixed dimension please see: Image Resize

Steps to get started:

  • Define the desired aspect ratio.

  • Define the amount of margin for each side.

  • One size might not fit all. You can configure different image padding for different garment categories.