Meet Frida,
Looklet's first plus size pose.

Adding on to the Looklet family, we now offer easily-created, high-quality e-commerce imagery for the Curve arena. With Frida, you will not only have the tools for a full overview of product fit and style but also a curated selection of natural, elegant body variations - as well as a high caliber of diverse, fresh model faces. And most excitingly - previously unprecedented in our mannequin series - Frida has been optimized with unique hardware features that expand styling capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Complexity reduction

    Looklet significantly reduces the complexities of shooting plus size outfits – allowing you more focus on quality.

  • Consistent high quality

    While yielding imagery in an automated way, Looklet always delivers the expected result according to your preferences.

  • Streamlined styling

    Looklet’s custom hardware is optimised for easy styling and workflow for your studio operators.