Interview -
January 26, 2018

Peter Junker

Title: Head of Technical Support
Before Looklet: Head of Support EMEA, Advent Software and Director Global Support, Enea

What is the task of the Technical Support department at Looklet?
We are eight people in Technical Support & IT, me included. We have three main tasks to solve as a team. The first and the most important, is that to support all customers and users of Looklets solutions around the world. That means when clients use our studios, we support our software and hardware products. We work also as a help desk to assist users and solve technical problems for them to ensure high productivity with our solution.

Our second task as a team, is to support our technical environment for our production of images, by supporting what is needed for the production and quality work that is done by our suppliers.

Our third and equally important task is to manage all IT at Looklet, on both our sites. That includes all mobile phones, computers, networks, capacity, switches etc.

As a hiring manager, what do you think are good qualities and success factors in someone applying for a job in your team?
One of the most important thing is willingness to learn and attitude. In order to succeed, there needs to be a strong will to succeed and a passion for creating value for our customers, together with a will to continuously to improve – both as a team and an individual. In our team, we work a lot together as a team, but with individual responsibility. As a manager I give my team a framework and guidelines for solving problems, but it’s the team’s responsibility to solve the issues at hand. So there needs to be a will to solve complex problems together with others.

What do you think that you’ll be doing three years from now?
I enjoy my job at Looklet a lot. I particularly enjoy working with the great mix of people we have here, both in terms of backgrounds and competences. For me with an engineering background, it has really been an eye opener to understand a photographer’s or an image editors work. I have really learned a lot. So I hope and believe I will remain at Looklet with similar managing responsibility. Hopefully we have got more customers and have been able to develop the entire function and the company in a good way so we can be even better at handling our customers, help them faster and better and offer more professional packages and maintenance. We already deliver a professional solution, but there is so much more exciting things to do and offer our customers to make it even better.