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Looklet expands its offering and launches Big & Tall for Men

Providing extended sizes and showing products on multiple body shapes has become the new norm for fashion retailers when it comes to not only female but also male clothing. However, sourcing models can present a challenge due to the limited availability for such a fast-paced market. With the goal to simplify model logistics and beat time to site, Looklet is expanding its existing plus size offering with a male Big & Tall pose, named Henry.

Henry has been co-developed with an existing client and is size XL-XXL. The Big & Tall pose is the latest addition to the Looklet family and includes a light, optimized mannequin for the stylist to easily dress, alongside several different big & tall models that have been shot and digitized with exceptional usage terms.

By releasing a solution for mens Big & Tall, Looklet is introducing its seventh category preceded by one female plus size, two kids, two standard womens, a maternity add-on and one standard mens, all in the highest available resolution and with a wide variety of high-caliber model options. With the Henry release, the fashion retailer can now shoot their full assortment within the same solution and create on-figure imagery, without the hassle of traditional model shoots.

Adam Berg, Co-Founder and CEO shares: “we are extremely excited to offer a solution to shoot an additional category on Looklet. Developing Henry required a close collaboration between several internal and external teams that designed and developed brand new equipment and digital assets to create high-quality model imagery for the Big & Tall category. We always listen to our clients and the market needs and Henry has arrived to bridge an existing gap in the plus size market”.

Henry is now available globally and coming up to the North Americas by mid-2023.



About Looklet

Based in Stockholm, Looklet is a cutting-edge technology for e-commerce imagery created by fashion and advertising veterans. With custom photo studios and styling software, retailers and brands have the flexibility of dynamic merchandising, using real models – without forgoing quality. Looklet offers a photo solution for fashion e-commerce players without the need for models or photographers. It is a technology for fashion retailers’ e-commerce image production, which includes Studio (plug & play solution) and virtual software. Looklet was founded in 2009 by five Swedish fashion, art, and advertising experts. Looklet shoots real models, digitizes them, and puts them into the system so their clients can style with products that were also shot on Looklet.

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