Introducing Henry, for Big & Tall Menswear   

Elevate your e-commerce imagery with high quality on model photography  


Adding to our Menswear category options, Big and Tall model Henry offers multiple benefits to support your E-commerce fashion production


Fast turnaround

No need for models, makeup or retouch. Export your images in just a few minutes

Boosted image output

Shoot 120 items per day and style 1000 looks with automated processing and image retouch

High-quality images

28 megapixel images, with a predictable and controllable image output

Henry webpage-4

Visual Highlights

Our digital styling software offers a wide variety of models, facial expressions, and body variations for you to show the proper fit and fabric of any garment


Image Output

4 model images - Front, Front Right, Back, Back Left

2 additional images - Ghost and Fabric Detail


Model and Body Variations 

5 models, 18 facial expressions, and 17 body variations 


Available in High Resolution


Clothing sizes


EU - XXL-2XL / 60

UK -XXL-2XL / 60

US - XL-XXL / 46-48


EU/UK/US - W42 L32


EU - 47

UK - 13

US - 13 ½

Mannequin Measures


Height - 195 cm / 6'4" 

Thigh - 68 cm / 26.8 inch

Chest - 126 cm / 49.6 inch

Hips - 117 cm / 46.1 inch

Shoulders - 142 cm / 55.9 inch

Waist - 106.5 cm / 41.9 inch

Inseam - 82 cm / 32.3 inch


Equipment Components

Our Big and Tall equipment is uniquely optimized to ensure efficient styling for your studio operators

Equipment includes mannequin, ghost and shoe solution

High Waistline

Henry’s higher waistline allows you to shoot pants or bottoms without the need to have the upper torso in place

(extension pin sold separately)


Headless Mannequin

Speed up production of top garments with the option to remove Henry's head


Jacket Arms

To ease the styling of thicker outerwear, hollowed-out inner arms give a much more natural, realistic end result


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