Looklet aims to bridge the gap between technology and fashion, and challenges businesses and consumers to reimagine fashion imagery. Our combined backgrounds in advanced technology, international fashion, and online marketing enable us to question, deconstruct and modernize established workflows. Looklet combines high quality dynamic images in a simple and scalable process, perfectly suited for the new world of online fashion.

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45 studios installed worldwide 50+ pre-shot models in client library 5,000+ images processed daily
If looking for a cost effective, large output image solution, for on-figure apparel; Looklet is hands down the best choice out there. From their cutting edge digital technology, to customer service, to customizing a workflow that best suits your needs; they are simply THE BEST! TIMOTHY WOOD Associate Director of Advanced
Photography and Video Solutions
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Our male model, David, offers you many additional opportunities to further diversify your looks.

DO YOU POSSESS SKILLS IN FASHION, PHOTOGRAPHY or technology and feel ready to join a fast-paced AND UNIQUE ORGANIZATION?

Within our passionate and highly skilled teams, we strive for innovation every day. And everyone can make a difference. Jannis Koehn CEO
What is really inspiring about Looklet’s work environment is our curious and driven co-workers, their diverse backgrounds and different competences. Robert Ahlborg Co-founder and CPO