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The Power of the PDP

The  PDP (Product Detail Page) is the most crucial part of your webshop and the best tool to help your customer convert their interest into a sale. If you are looking to reduce returns and lift conversion or add to basket levels, the first port of call is to think about your images series.


“This is the biggest driver for conversion as customers are heavily influenced by the images we use for products.”*

Customers face two main challenges when shopping online. Firstly they don’t have enough information to determine the quality of the garment and they can’t see the details of the item. 


By showing more than three images on your PDP, you can help your customers make easier decisions about the clothing they buy. 

"The more information a customer has about an item, the less likely they are to return it.”*

“This is the biggest driver for conversion as customers are heavily influenced by the images we use for products.”*


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How Looklet can help you optimise your PDP

At Looklet we offer seven different image outputs and unlimited restyling to help you build the perfect image series for your PDP.


Incorporate more angles

Apart from the traditional front and back views, consider shooting in Front Right, Back Left, or Back Right (for plus size) to display the true fit of the clothing on a body. This helps the customer visualise the garment on themselves, see the craftsmanship of the garment, and the overall quality of the piece.



Add Ghost images

A show stopping product (ghost) image can help catch the eye  of the customer, it shows a clear silhouette of the garment and the  inner details. Great for both the PDP and List pages.


Show close up detail

Using our high resolution imagery allows you to show off detail within the garment helping your customers see texture and fabric easily. Take Fabric Detail shots from the studio or create close up images from the Look Creator.


Add Shop The Look

The meta-data included in the export of your Looklet images can be used for an automatic “shop-the-look” feature to increase cross selling potential.

Create inspirational images digitally 

Apply unlimited crops to create endless versioning of your product images directly in our outfitting software. For example, you can apply a face-crop on main images for product focus and add a full look image for inspiration with accented background and restyled look.


Need more inspiration? 

We can create a bespoke image series suggestion for you with our creative team.

Please speak to your Account Manager for more information or get in touch below.


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