Seamless integration between Looklet & ShotFlow


ShotFlow is a specialized workflow tool for creating visual assets at scale, while Looklet provides a digital solution for high-volume model photography. Together, they empower the fashion retailer to automate and boost their photo production making sure key product data is shared in a simple and efficient way.


The partnership between Looklet and ShotFlow was born out of the need of a client in common who was looking to streamline their processes when shooting on Looklet and storing data in ShotFlow. 


Product information needs to flow seamlessly and efficiently between systems to increase productivity, reduce manual errors and remove tedious work. Our integration enables clients to leverage existing workflows while being able to get started with minimal setup efforts.


How does the integration work?:


Pull metadata

We configure the fields to digest ShotFlow’s data such as barcode, color, project name, on-figure shots, etc. These fields can be used also for setting up the item’s naming conventions.


Shoot & Outfitting

We build data-based features to: Categorise, sort and filter items; Share instructions with the stylists; Input pairing information for digital outfitting; Set up alerts when items go out of stock.


Push Metadata

Final images alongside metadata are exported to the client. Moreover, push events can be ingested back into ShotFlow to monitor production in real time.




As a client, what metadata can we have access to?

You will be able to access any metadata that is stored in either system in a simple and efficient way. We built a close collaboration with ShotFlow to be able to customize the specifics of such integration based on the metadata you need and what it will be used for. 


How will you make sure that no key product data gets lost in the process?

We will work together with your team to set up a custom integration that will transfer the required information seamlessly from beginning to end of the process, ensuring all fields and data are transferred properly.


Where can I learn more about your partnership?

Do not miss the full demo that we presented in the ShotFlow Summit 2021. Watch below!



How do I receive a custom demo?

Get in touch to learn more about integration possibilities with Looklet & ShotFlow filling the form below.