Interview -
August 15, 2018

Josefine Gustafsson

Title: Studio Advisor and Trainer, Product Experience Team
Before Looklet: Joined Looklet after studies

Tell me about your role here at Looklet
As a Studio Advisor and Trainer, I am a part of Looklet’s Product Experience team. I teach the clients how to get the best out of our unique photo solution to produce high-quality images in the most efficient and fun way possible.

How would you describe a typical day at Looklet (if there is one)?

There is no such a thing as a typical day for me at Looklet and my work tasks have really changed over the years. But today it can vary from visiting brand new clients for a week of introduction training or go to experienced clients for releases of brand new features, to work closely together with other developing teams at Looklet for improving the hardware and/or software, or in-house production in our Stockholm based studio.

How would you describe Looklet as a company?

We are constantly updating the products and expanding the teams which I believe is the reason that I never get bored working here, even if this is my 6th year. Looklet is a company filled with sharp brains and amazing personalities which definitely reflects the product.