Interview -
January 26, 2018

Henrik Hegardt

Title: Software Engineer
Before Looklet: SBAB, NetEnt, Söderberg och Partners

What is your job at Looklet?
My job at Looklet is being a system creator and I develop, build and design the tools my colleagues and our customers use.

Describe a regular working day for you.
Working at Looklet as a system creator means that you will have a variety of technical challenges. You will have close collaboration with colleagues from other departments to develop, invent and improve our products. The work is diverse and never boring and ranges from software to dealing with in-house developed hardware.

Describe something you learned since you started at Looklet.
I didn’t know anything about photography and fashion and I didn’t realise how technically challenging some of the aspects of fashion could be. Whilst fashion could be something purely objective, there are technical challenges which are extremely interesting which I never had thought of before.