Interview -
January 26, 2018

Bengt Rutisson

Title: Software Engineer
Before Looklet: BEA Systems, Oracle

Describe your relation to Java.
I’ve worked with java for quite a few years, and I used to work for about 10 years with development of the java platform itself, initially with the JRockit Java engine at BEA Systems, and later on with the Hotspot Java engine at Oracle. After having worked a long time with the platform and the language, I felt that it was time to actually use the platform and see how it works, so I wanted to find a good opportunity to develop java applications, and see how that works in reality. That’s when I started working at Looklet.

The last few years when I worked with the Java platform, I also wrote a chapter in a book about Java Performance, and how to best set up systems to obtain good performance in big java applications. The name of the book is Java Performance Companion, and it’s available on the market.

How has your role developed since you started working at Looklet?
To me it was very interesting to enter Looklet and see how modern java applications are developed. I have learned that java is a language but there is also a large eco system around it with frameworks to keep track of. It was very interesting for me to enter this world, and I have learned a lot about cloud solutions, and how to run java applications in Google Cloud. During the time I have been here, I have developed quite a lot in areas also around Java, with the frameworks and monitoring tools we have, and how to run big java systems in the cloud, for example.

What would you like to tell a developer interested in working at Looklet?
What is most fascinating with Looklet I find, is the big variety in our products. We have both hardware-near programming in the studio, and classical server programming in our Google cloud services, but also a lot of graphical user interfaces, as well as advanced image editing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence projects. There are many different parts in this and it is very open to take part in the areas one is interested in.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the very good ambiance and culture at Looklet. Such a great mix of people with various backgrounds. As a developer I find it refreshing to work close with other people than only developers, such as for example photographers. It creates a great vibe when there is such a mix.