How retailers can upgrade images & boost conversions

For online retail businesses, high-quality product imagery has consistently proven to boost customer engagement, establish credibility, and improve conversion rates. Heightened customer expectations, advancements in technology, and the rise of omni-channel retail are just a few of the trends reshaping the world of e-commerce photography. 
The rules of product photography are being redefined and traditional approaches will no longer work in the face of change; retailers need to up their image game and technology can give them a significant boost. 
From digital merchandising techniques, to virtual models, and unlimited re-merchandising, there are many ways retailers can harness innovation and emerging technologies to transform their customer experience. 

Changing the way you
think about product images

As the demand for online apparel sales continues to grow, so does the pressure on online retailers to keep up with the demand of detailed, high-quality product images. We are seeing retailers try to meet this demand by displaying products on a mix of hangers, flatlays, ghost and models.


However, inconsistent product display has proven to cause visual confusion and can lower conversion rates, while the artificial nature of mannequins and flatlays doesn’t give the best perception of style and fit as on a model. 

  • Inconsistent product display online across hangers, flatlays, ghost & models
  • Unique styles or sizing that is not well-captured in a flat lay
  • Artificial nature of traditional or ghost mannequins
  • Difficulty keeping lighting & color consistent across imagery from different sources 
  • Lack of budget and/or internal capabilities prevents upgrade to model photography

How Looklet can help

Looklet provides retailers with an efficient in-house studio and creative styling tools to produce high quality dynamic fashion images. Capture multiple angles on mannequins for every category type (male, female, plus-size and kids) and choose from ghost or detail images. Easily add accessories or change the styling later in our styling software, The Look Creator, optimising for market, season or trends.

  • Capture the most realistic look of your products, on real bodies
  • Present individual products as an entire outfit
  • Drag & drop different items to create full looks
  • Easily add accessories or change styling later

Our key advantages


Update styling in real time
to optimise sales


Increase conversion by showing
items on models in different sizes


Some results
achieved by our partners

Using Looklet’s technology, retailers are able to boost their conversion rate by displaying all products on model, providing alternate and detailed views, and optimizing product imagery in real time according to market, trends and season. One Looklet partner in Sweden was able to increase sales conversions by 18% after moving to Looklet’s digital photo studio. Beyond increasing conversions, the retailer was able to move old and surplus inventory by styling the items with on-trend accessories and seasonal merchandise. 


Display front, back,
ghost or detail images


Unlimited restyle without
the need to reshoot


Consistent product display
without the need for a model

"We had a huge batch from a fast fashion brand that was collecting dust in the warehouse for all ages, sales did simply not move at all. We decided to shoot the batch with Looklet - and sold it all in a go!”



To learn more about Looklet and our services or to request a demo, please get in touch via business@looklet.com