David for Menswear   

Elevate your e-commerce imagery with high quality on model photography  

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Our menswear model David offers multiple benefits to support your E-commerce fashion production


Fast turnaround

No need for models, makeup or retouch. Export your images in just a few minutes

Boosted image output

Shoot 120 items per day and style 1000 looks with automated processing and image retouch

High-quality images

28 megapixel images, with a predictable and controllable image output

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Visual Highlights

Our digital styling software offers a wide variety of models, facial expressions, and body variations for you to show the proper fit and fabric of any garment


Image Output

4 model images - Front, Front Right, Back, Back Left

2 additional images - Ghost and Fabric Detail


Model and Body Variations 

18 models, 170+ facial expressions, and body variations 


Available in High Resolution


Clothing sizes


EU / US: M-L 


EU/UK/US: W32 L32


EU: 43-44

UK: 9

US: 9 - 10

Mannequin Measurements


Height - 185 cm / 6’1” 

Thigh - 54.4 cm / 21.4 inch

Chest - 94 cm / 37 inch

Hips - 95 cm / 37.4 inch

Shoulders - 115 cm / 45.2 inch

Waist - 77.5 cm / 30.5 inch

David controlled light 3600x2000 - 150dpi

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