Looklet & Creative Force Integration


We’ve partnered with Creative Force, the leading studio workflow software for eCommerce content creation to help streamline your day-to-day content creation process with full integration with our shooting and styling solution.


About Creative Force

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Creative Force enables the world’s top retailers, brands, and commercial studios to scale their creative operations with a flexible and intuitive cloud-based workflow platform.


From high-volume eCommerce PDP content to bespoke marketing projects, Creative Force serves as the single source of truth for eCommerce and editorial production. Creative Force handles the entire creative workflow, including production planning, sample management, on-set photography and video, internal and external post-production, to final asset delivery.

Creative Force x Looklet Integration 

With the Creative Force integration, users of both platforms will enjoy a seamless, centralized production experience, including end-to-end tracking, workflow automation, and automated file handling.


With the Looklet integration in Creative Force, users of both platforms will enjoy a seamless, centralized production experience. Looklet’s solution allows eCommerce fashion retailers to produce high-quality automated on-model imagery at scale.


In Creative Force, selecting Looklet for production will enable three steps in your photography workflow; Capture, Processing, and Styling. As always, ingesting product data in Creative Force will trigger the appropriate workflow and style guide – if this includes Looklet production, Creative Force tracks when the corresponding product is scanned in Looklet and production is in progress. Once the styling is completed in Looklet, the images are automatically sent to Creative Force, stored in their cloud-based production DAM, and will continue through any additional production steps, as defined by your workflow.

By adding Looklet to your Creative Force workflow you're not only able to follow the end-to-end production progress, but also to track events, run detailed reports, and benefit from the extensive file and workflow automation system.

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Where does Looklet fit into the workflow?


The Looklet integration brings in images at the capture stage of production. Instead of standard digital photography, Looklet is the camera, and it delivers images of products and people seamlessly into the Creative Force ecosystem.

How can I work with Creative Force and Looklet?

Curious about how you can automate your content creation workflow and simplify sample management? You can reach out to the Creative Force contact here, take a tour, or contact our team below.


Contact us to learn more about Looklet x Creative Force integration