How retailers are reducing costs and increasing studio efficiency during COVID-19 and beyond


As the fashion industry continues to be disrupted by the covid-19 pandemic, many retailers announced an effort to cut spending and increase efficiency. With a focus on protecting employees and managing operational disruptions caused by social distancing measures, retailers are looking for ways to establish their new normal. 


The full impact of this pandemic on businesses and their operations is still unknown, however, one thing is certain: the acceleration of e-commerce continues, and digital transformation is critical for any retailer hoping to grow in 2021 and beyond. 


While every retailer’s strategy for navigating the public health and economic crisis will be determined to some extent by their own unique attributes, this guide offers a framework for how fashion companies can digitize their operations, improve productivity and performance, and reduce costs. 


Can your retailer keep up with increasing customer demands?

As online retailers adjust to “the new normal” they must also navigate the increasing costs associated with growing online shopping demand, needing to produce more apparel photography at a faster speed, higher quality and lower cost.

  • High costs associated with maintaining a studio operation
  • Unpredictable budgeting, costs, image results, & model retouching costs

  • Complicated model logistics, remote locations and last-minute shoot coordination

How Looklet can help

Looklet offers retailers support for streamlining and automating their studio operations while reducing costs, with our fast and cost-effective technology workflows that simplify and scale high-quality models images. 


Our digital styling studio produces photorealistic apparel product photography on 65+ pre-shot diverse models and bodies, endless re-style opportunities to adapt your looks to a specific market or season — all with only 1-2 studio operators needed, depending on daily output. Our solution also simplifies budget planning, with predictable costs and stable prices for several years. 

  • 65+ pre-shot diverse models in client library 

  • Easily re-merchandise evergreens or carryovers

  • Only 1-2 studio operators needed

  • Shoot pieces whenever they arrive and style together later 

Our key advantages


Scale production costs, reduce team

size & allocate your budget wiser


Only shoot garments once, swap models,

backgrounds or seasonal styling without needing to reshoot


Some results
achieved by our partners

Using Looklet’s technology, retailers are able to significantly reduce costs associated with maintaining their product catalog, with no need for models, hair and makeup artists, or retouching. Clients can save 40% or more on photo production costs, with some prominent retailers attributing cost savings of up to “a few million dollars” yearly to Looklet technology.


  • Save 40% or more on cost of photo production
  • Easily scale high quality product photography with low fixed costs 
  • Stable contracts for several years provides budget predictability 

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