Job areas

Revolutionizing the way the world thinks about fashion photography is a demanding task. It takes talented people from a variety of backgrounds, each with different skills and perspectives. Regardless if your passion is within Development, Photography, Fashion or Business Operations, there is something exciting for you at Looklet – if you are ambitious and curious enough to rise to the challenge! Read about the different areas below.


Combining technology with photography and business know how is what we do at Looklet. Whether you construct the custom-made Looklet green screen studio with plastic mannequins, or program the algorithms in our software, you’re playing an important part in the pix-el-perfect end solution. Anyone interested in engineering should be intrigued by the technology behind the scenes at Looklet.

It’s all about the technology, but also about understanding the problem and finding the solution together with business and fashion photo experts. Building a scalable and robust solution for client production puts our engineers to the test, in order to accommodate our client’s seasonal demand.

Building a cutting edge backend in the cloud frees our time to focus on developing the magic. As noone else has created solutions like this before, it’s important that we always stay at the forefront of technology, that we never stop learning, and never stop innovating.

Examples of roles within Technology at Looklet are Software Engineers, Technical Support Specialists and Hardware Engineers.

Looklet technology

Photo perfection

Looklet’s take on photography is a mix of fashion, technology and commerce: The fashion imagery we produce must perfect each product detail and offer flexible and inspired styling to our clients. Each image reflects real products on real models, however the models displayed never step foot inside the studio in which the products are shot. How do we consistently create this experience?

A team of aesthetically inclined individuals combine knowledge of light, colour and photography to create the optimum photography environment. Working alongside photographers, camera experts, retouchers, artists, stylists, software developers and hardware engineers, this team goes above and beyond to solve problems and implement solutions for our clients, positioning ourselves as trusted fashion imagery experts through consistently high-quality, photo-realistic images.

Examples of roles in the photography area are Visual Developers, Image Control and Studio Quality Advisors.

Business operations

As a member of Looklet Business operations, you will have the chance to impact the business in diverse ways. Opportunities in Business operations cover everything from day-to-day operations, image production, Sales & Marketing, Customer Success, Finance, Data Analytics, Human Resources and Legal.

The business of Looklet is to generate structure while remaining flexible and pragmatic. We don’t build processes for the sake of having processes – we create value and make things work smoothly and efficiently throughout the day.

Business operations enables the product by ensuring we make well informed and smart decisions for the future.

Roles within Business Operations vary- each with its own unique and exciting challenges. Why not browse through our job openings and see if your passion is available?