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March 6, 2019


Looklet, a tech pioneer within fashion imagery production for e-commerce, launches its new social fashion app, Attire. Attire aims to revolutionise the mobile fashion experience for consumers, retailers and brands by offering interactive real model styling. With Attire’s library of garments, the “Clueless wardrobe” is a fashion devotee’s fantasy turned reality – as well as a forward-thinking and powerful analytics tool for fashion businesses, slated for a later release.

Attire’s initial launch focuses on the aforementioned social styling element. Until today, sharing fashion products and outfits was top down; engagement with designer collections and personal style was limited to press imagery, influencer content and other traditional channels. With Attire, you are the stylist – pushing the fashion playing field towards a more democratized evolution.

In the app, users can create outfits on real models with a varied wardrobe of luxury and contemporary garments. Whether you want to build the perfect outfit for a special occasion, explore styling of seasonal trends or simply show off your styling skills, the look creation functionality is at once informative, and addictive. Users can then follow item links to brand/retailer websites for more information and shopping where applicable. Models, shot by Looklet, as well as backgrounds and filters are additional customisations available for full look curation. Outfits can then be published to a communal feed with friends within the app or shared to all major social media channels. Further, a small monthly subscription fee offers users access to exclusive fashion items.

In the short term, Attire are building shopping capability and a Remix function, allowing users to re-style friends’ looks. Following in development for Attire: a white label version for retailers to integrate in webshops, as well as in-store for elevated personal styling services. The foundational styling core will in the future function as an aid to collection and production planning for both retail buyers and designers alike, though today retailers and brands can use the technology for product imagery, via Looklet’s studios, and benefit from the experiential marketing exposure within the app.

Ultimately, through its data insight, Attire envisions its future as a crucial resource for the success of fashion companies – and its present as the most exciting, completely new way to engage with fashion as we know it.

Attire will be available in the United States, Canada and Europe and is compatible with iOS. To download the attire app for free visit  – or


/ The looklet team