Angela Client Relations Coordinator I love the opportunity to be a part of such an innovative company and work with wonderful, creative people.
Gustaf Retoucher I like that I, on top of getting to work with groundbreaking technology, get to have fun and be creative every day.
Celine Retoucher The ability to grow within the company and that you always feel like you are learning new things.
Björn Tech Support At Looklet we have a lot of brilliant people striving to provide a top quality solution and I am proud to be a part of that team.
Jia Product Owner Good things comes in three.
Lovisa Studio Advisor & Trainer We are all true inventors at Looklet. It is inspiring to see people with different backgrounds coming together to create magic.
Oscar Image Advisor I like that you see what we do but not what we did.
Gabriella Product Experience Team Leader The energetic spirit and all of my incredibly talented colleagues makes Looklet the most inspiring and stimulating company to work at.
Ramlah Image Advisor Looklet is innovative, challenging and fun.