Björn Tech Support At Looklet we have a lot of brilliant people striving to provide a top quality solution and I am proud to be a part of that team.
Alexander Visual Developer The reason I work with Looklet is, besides an inspiring product, the mix of creating things of your own and being part of a competent team.
Christin HR Manager Our team is outstanding, and we continue to attract the best and brightest stars. We get even better with every new hire!
Klara Head of Product Experience Not only do I get work with an exciting and interesting product but Im also privileged to work with fantastic colleagues in an inspiring work environment.
Bengt Software Developer The diversity, enthusiasm and creativity of the Looklet team is amazing. And on top of that, to be able to work with advanced technology is a luxury.
Agnar Senior Finance Analyst I have brilliant colleagues who are capable of bringing this fantastic idea of Looklet even beyond what we can think of at the moment.
Frida Retoucher What I love about Looklet is that I'm always excited about what we are doing next!
Oscar Image Advisor I like that you see what we do but not what we did.
Isabel Product Experience Executive Every new person who starts working here at Looklet adds to the sparkle behind the magic.