Frida Retoucher What I love about Looklet is that I'm always excited about what we are doing next!
Gabriella Product Experience Team Leader The energetic spirit and all of my incredibly talented colleagues makes Looklet the most inspiring and stimulating company to work at.
Rebecca Studio Advisor & Trainer At Looklet I always feel that I can speak my mind.
Rickard Head of Software Development Entering the office is like entering a swarm of enthusiasm. People are positive, prestigeless and professional.
Ellinor Retoucher, Visual Development I know Looklet has forever changed how we view fashion and photography - and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.
Agnar Senior Finance Analyst I have brilliant colleagues who are capable of bringing this fantastic idea of Looklet even beyond what we can think of at the moment.
Celine Retoucher The ability to grow within the company and that you always feel like you are learning new things.
Valter Senior Visual Developer At Looklet, we all have different backgrounds, but what brings us together is the devotion to make something as good as possible.
Björn Tech Support At Looklet we have a lot of brilliant people striving to provide a top quality solution and I am proud to be a part of that team.