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LOOKLET is changing the game of fashion photography through advanced technology. At large volumes and unparalleled quality, we create model photos without models or photographers – a custom, uniquely innovative solution for an industry requiring high standards.

We are humble about our achievements, passionate about our product, and energized by our team spirit – and our journey has just begun.

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Our culture

Our technology is groundbreaking and always evolving, just like the company. Common to all Lookleteers is a passion for our product. We are proud of it, and we work hard to advance its quality in all areas, be it a fashion image, a technical solution, or a work process.

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Our benefits

Here we could write all about how we offer breakfast every morning, provide exercise stipends and pension, and how we have tons of fun together – because all of that is true. However, we believe that these are the best benefits of working at Looklet.

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I am impressed by our diverse and passionate team of highly skilled individuals. We want to innovate every day, and everyone can make a difference

Jannis Koehn


Agnar Burgess
Title: Senior Financial Analyst
Before looklet: EDF Energy and Landsbanki

What is your mission at Looklet?
My mission is to use my expertise to help Looklet fulfill its potential by making sure we use the right information to support business decisions. I also see it as my responsibility to make sure that finance doesn’t get in the way of the people creating the most value for Looklet, while still remaining legally compliant.

What is it like to work at Looklet for you?
It is fun, challenging, varied and inspiring.

What do you do when you are not working?
Once the kids are in bed I will be training for Vasaloppet, a 90 km cross-country skiing competition in March.

Maria Kruse
Title: Product Owner & Head of Visual Development
Before looklet: Sony Ericsson, BEA systems, Unicef, UN OCHA, and Nordea

What do you do at Looklet?
I currently have two roles; one as Product Owner and one as manager.

In my role as Product Owner at Looklet I set and communicate vision and goals for my area. I make sure we have clear priorities, balancing requests from customers with what I see is needed for long term development.

In my role as a manager I help my teams create an environment where they can grow, have fun and deliver high quality.

What did you do before Looket?
A lot of things, I have a MsC in Computer science from KTH and started out as software developer at a tech startup. I liked that! But I guess I am a little restless; there is so much to learn and I have had the opportunity to…

Bengt Rutisson
Title: Software Engineer
Before looklet: BEA Systems, Oracle

Describe your relation to Java.
I’ve worked with java for quite a few years, and I used to work for about 10 years with development of the java platform itself, initially with the JRockit Java engine at BEA Systems, and later on with the Hotspot Java engine at Oracle. After having worked a long time with the platform and the language, I felt that it was time to actually use the platform and see how it works, so I wanted to find a good opportunity to develop java applications, and see how that works in reality. That’s when I started working at Looklet.

The last few years when I worked with the Java platform, I also wrote a chapter in a book about Java Performance, and how to best set up…

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